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Goodtime Music Academy is the brain-child of Jonny Wilson, who already had a waiting list for private drum lessons after completing his Bachelor of Music at the New Zealand School of Music in 2006.

With a vision to build the music school he wished he had growing up, Jonny launched Goodtime Music Academy with just 30 students in 2009.

Now Goodtime Music Academy impacts a tens of thousands of young people every year through it’s lessons, show team, charitable trust and online programmess.

Jonny runs Goodtime Music Academy with his wife Kate and their carefully hand picked leadership team and tutors.

The academy has been very privileged to win a number of prestigious awards for it’s work in the community. These awards include a 'Local Hero Medal' as part of the New Zealander of the year competition, as well as the Arts and Culture award for the Hutt City Council community awards.

Goodtime Music Academy's core vision

There are 3 major goals we strive for in everything we do here at Goodtime Music Academy. These are:

1: We want to see every single child in the greater Wellington area have the opportunity to learn an instrument. We believe that our musical skills are a gift, not to be kept to ourselves, but to be passed on to others.

Whether a student chooses to just learn for a term or to go on to be a professional musician, we want to see every child at least give music lessons a go. The team here at Goodtime Music Academy are committed to this vision and with private lessons, mobile lessons and our community projects we are able to provide lessons to fit any budget.

2: We are passionate about revolutionising the musical education space and everything we create is based on the idea of creating things we wish we had as tutors when we were growing up. Some of our proudest inventions have been our Music Bus, our Rad Rhythm program, our All Access program and our NZ music missions camps. There’s loads more ideas in the pipeline so we are an exciting organisation to get involved with.

3: We want to provide carefully selected musicians with meaningful employment that they can enjoy and be challenged in. We are proud to have provided over 100 musicians with jobs since 2009 and we continue to provide opportunities for team members to progress internally as they develop professionally.

We are very proud of the high standard of our team in terms of their character, musicianship, professionalism and passion for our vision and values.

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