Bass Guitar Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the bass guitar?

Whether you are a child or an adult wanting to learn the bass guitar, Goodtime Music Academy is the place for you to become the bass player that you’ve always wanted to be!

The bass player is one of the most important instrumentalists in a band, with everyone depending on their lead. Their crucial role requires a lot more skill than people usually realise, as the bass player establishes the rhythm and drives the music along, setting up the chords for the rest of the band.

We offer both private individual lessons and group lessons for all ages, tailored to the needs of our students. Our one-on-one and group classes are practical, fun, and interactive, delivering proven results. But this is not all we offer!

In addition to private and group tutoring, we also offer our bass guitar students the opportunity to join band classes and various other string groups.

When learning the bass with us, you will learn:

  • Technique
  • How to read music, understand rhythm, and play in time
  • Listening skills
  • How to play along to favourite songs and bands
  • How to play different styles of music (such as jazz, blues, funk, metal, rock etc.)
  • And much more!

Getting a good bass teacher is crucial as bass players need to have a clear understanding of how to best support the band they are playing with. It is our firm belief that this can only be learnt through high quality instruction and this is why we have picked the best bass teachers to teach and support you!

Our accomplished and experienced bass teachers have well-developed courses and curriculum to take you from the beginner level right through to the professional level. Contact us to find out more about our bass tutoring options!

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