Goodtime Foundation

The Goodtime Foundation is a registered charity that has been set up by Goodtime Music Academy, in order to provide free music tuition and mentoring to Kiwi kids who would otherwise be unable to access such opportunities.

By supporting The Goodtime Foundation, you can help put a brand new instrument in the hands of a deserving child. You can also know that not only will these young people be developing their music skills, but that every week someone they look up to will be passionately inspiring and investing in them to be all that they can be.

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How does the Goodtime Foundation make a difference?

Every week we drive to low decile schools and collect a group of students that have been handpicked by their principals to receive a scholarship with us for free lessons and mentoring. We bring the students back to our building for an action packed programme.

To keep them focused we provide afternoon tea then play a group game.

Screen Shot 2017 06 18 at 4.16.26 pm Screen Shot 2017 06 18 at 4.21.10 pm

Then it’s time to all sit down in front of the stage to hear a leadership talk and a musical item from one of the leaders. This is super exciting because the gap between the kids and the teenagers is only really about 5-8years, so it’s awesome for the kids to see realistically how good they might be on their instrument one day, if they continue to work hard.

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After that, we move into one-on-one lessons, where children are learning all about how to play their instrument well. Tutors also spend time mentoring their students and encouraging them through anything tough they might be going through. After their individual lessons students then go to their band classes where they get to apply their skills from their lessons in a team situation.

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We also work towards making music videos as we learn about recording, filming, lighting and green screens.

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We work hard fundraising to purchase an instrument for each of the children to keep, so they can practice at home. Many instruments are also donated from people who have upgraded, or have an unwanted instrument lying around home. If you’d like to get an instrument into the hands of one of our students, we’d love to hear from you!

Our team is partially made up of top students from Goodtime Music Academy who donate one afternoon/evening per week to make a massive difference in these kids lives.

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This is a double edged leadership programme, because the teenagers volunteering are learning all about what it means to be a great teacher, mentor and leader; and the children are receiving free music lessons and mentoring too. Those that really shine amongst our volunteers also have the opportunity to apply for part time paid positions with the academy.

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Here’s what the mayor has to say about us…..

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Here’s a few more behind the scenes pictures of our team at work……

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Want to help?

If you can't make a financial donation but you'd still like to help, please send us a message any time.

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